Wedding Bands in St. Louis

Wedding bands are exchanged in front of family and friends and carry significant ceremonial value. We want your bands to be as meaningful years from now as they are on the day you put them on! Whether you choose a spectacular, over-the-top design or classic simplicity, we can help you find the wedding bands that represent your commitment and love.

Learn more about our designers below and visit our downtown jewelry store for the best selection of wedding bands in St. Louis!

Vinciguerra Jewelry Lashbrook


Rings are more than jewelry – they tell a story and represent meaningful moments. A wedding band is the most significant ring we will ever own because it represents the never-ending commitment and love shared between two people.

Wedding rings contain only the most precious metals, symbolizing the marriage union’s significance. A wedding band honors the past and looks forward to the present. It should capture the moments that make your love unique. View Lashbrook’s unique wedding band designs below!



Since 1937, IBGoodman has created legendary men’s wedding bands and innovative bridal designs. The sole passion of IBGoodman, an American family-owned and operated manufacturing company, is to create meticulously handcrafted jewelry from the finest materials. The company takes great pride in its wedding bands, and we’re delighted to represent them.

Vinciguerra Jewelry Frederick Goldman


Frederick Goldman has spent years cultivating uncompromised dedication and a relentless quest for excellence. Innovative uses of precious stones, unique finishes, and contemporary metals make Frederick Goldman stand out from other modern jewelry manufacturers. Learn more about this sophisticated and creative jewelry designer below.

HeavyStone Mobile


Heavy Stone Rings takes a refreshingly inventive look at jewelry design. As a family-owned business, Heavy Stone Rings prides itself on being one of the oldest American companies to create wedding rings and bands using exciting alternative metals.

Their custom laser engraving capabilities allow personalization on each wedding ring, making it unique to its wearer. Heavy Stone Rings come with a lifetime warranty, and they will repair or replace any defective ring, regardless of the reason. The company will also resize any standard bands, making Heavy Stone Rings an investment you can trust.

Tips for Wedding Bands Shopping

Wedding band shopping is an exciting milestone in any relationship. However, choosing the perfect ring can be stressful for some. When shopping for wedding bands, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use your engagement ring as a guide. Although you certainly don’t need to match the metals exactly, what’s most important is whether you like how they look together.
  • Visit your local jewelry store and try on multiple styles. Even if you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, it can’t hurt to try on numerous wedding band styles. You may find that “the one” is a style you didn’t think you’d choose.
  • Ensure you love your wedding band. In the end, your wedding ring is yours – nobody else’s. You’ll wear the ring for a lifetime, so make sure you love it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Bands in St. Louis

It’s normal to have questions about wedding bands. Check out the list of questions we often receive, and contact us today if you have more! We look forward to assisting you.

Why do you wear your wedding ring on your left hand?

The custom of wearing a wedding ring on the left-hand dates back to ancient Egypt. They believed your left hand’s ring finger had a vein directly connected to the heart. This connection, coupled with the belief that the ring’s circular shape symbolizes eternity, reinforces the meaning that wedding bands depict everlasting love.

How should my wedding ring fit?

Your wedding band should fit snugly, but not tightly, at the base of your finger. It should never leave marks on your skin or cause any bulging. You should feel slight friction on your knuckle when putting it on and a bit more force when taking it off, but both should be easy to do.

Remember that sometimes your fingers swell, such as in the morning or during the summer heat. If you notice swelling while wearing your ring, wait to take it off until it goes down. Further, don’t attempt to take it off while your finger swells.

What size wedding ring should I buy?

We highly recommend visiting our jewelry store to receive a professional fitting. We’ll utilize a tool to measure your ring finger and suggest the size you should purchase. Don’t try to guess – you want your ring to fit correctly.

Further, avoid using do-it-yourself kits, as there is no standard, and they vary widely. For instance, a size six in our store is likely vastly different from a size six in a DIY kit.

Should I shop for wedding bands with my significant other?

No rule says you should or shouldn’t shop for wedding bands with your future spouse. However, since you’ll both be wearing rings that signify your forever love, it’s a fun opportunity to browse together.

Since wedding band shopping is a joyous milestone in your relationship, purchasing them together makes it even better. Plus, you can bounce ideas and opinions off each other, so you both choose a band you love.

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