Wedding Band Store in St. Louis

The wedding ring is exchanged in front of family and friends at the ceremony, so you should have a piece that’s just as meaningful years from now as the day you put it on! Whether you want over-the-top or more of a simplistic design, we can help you find the right wedding band that represents your commitment and love to your spouse. Take a look below to learn more about the designers we offer, and visit our wedding band store in St. Louis today!

Vinciguerra Jewelry Lashbrook


Rings are more than jewelry. They tell a story and represent meaningful moments in our lives.

A wedding ring is the most significant ring we will ever own because it represents the never-ending commitment and love shared between two people. Throughout history, wedding rings have been created from only the most precious of metals to symbolize the significance of the marriage union. A wedding ring honors the past while looking forward to the present, and your wedding ring should capture the moments that make you and your love unique.



Since 1937, IBGoodman has been creating legendary men’s wedding bands and innovative bridal designs. Creating meticulously hand-crafted jewelry from only the finest of materials has been the sole passion of IBGoodman, an American, family-owned and -operated manufacturing company. IBGoodman takes great pride in being represented by only the most dignified jewelry retailers in the country, and we at Vinciguerra Jewelers are honored to feature their collection at our wedding band store in St. Louis.

Vinciguerra Jewelry Frederick Goldman


Frederick Goldman has spent years cultivating uncompromised dedication and a relentless quest for excellence. Innovative uses of precious stones, unique finishes, and contemporary metals and finishes has made Frederick Goldman stand out as an innovative and sophisticated leader among modern jewelry manufacturers.

HeavyStone Mobile


Heavy Stone Rings takes a refreshingly inventive look at jewelry design. A family-owned business, Heavy Stone Rings prides itself on being one of the oldest American companies to create wedding rings and bands using exciting alternative metals. Their custom laser engraving capabilities allow each wedding ring to be personalized and special to its wearer. Heavy Stone Rings come with a lifetime warranty, and any defective ring will be repaired or replaced, regardless of the reason. The company will also resize any of their standard rings, making Heavy Stone Rings wedding rings an investment you can trust.