Watch Repair & Maintenance

Watch Repair in St. Louis

Vinciguerra Jewelry offers the best quality watch repair and maintenance, whether your new watch requires servicing or a vintage timepiece needs restoration. We possess extensive experience with watches from countless brands and manufacturers, so you can trust that our team can handle any watch repair or maintenance service you need. Let us help you maintain your piece to stand the test of time — contact us today!

How to Know When You Need Watch Repair

All watches should receive maintenance every year or two and full servicing every five years. However, if your watch sustains damage or malfunctions beforehand, visiting a local watch repair center like Vinciguerra Jewelry is in your best interest. Let a professional analyze your watch’s condition right away if you notice any of the following:

  • Slight rattling within the case: The typical watch contains hundreds of parts as small as a pinhead. Although your timepiece can survive a fall in most cases, a jolt at the wrong angle can break a screw, wheel, or spring loose.
  • Moisture in the case: Take your watch to a professional immediately if you notice moisture or condensation within the case. Even the smallest droplet of water can cause major damage to the inner workings, such as rusted or corroded movements, dials, or hands.
  • Hand skipping: Battery-powered watches give warning signals when nearing the end of their lifespan. In many timepieces, the secondhand skips indicate the need for a battery replacement.

You can trust the experts of Vinciguerra Jewelry to complete any watch repairs or maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you suspect an issue – we’ll thoroughly analyze your piece and perform any needed repairs professionally.


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Our Watch Maintenance & Repair Services

Watch Servicing & Maintenance

It’s important to give your watch attention from time to time. Regular watch maintenance keeps your piece running smoothly. Our expert technicians completely dismantle watches to inspect and clean each component thoroughly. Once we finish servicing your watch, we ensure proper lubrication and assembly so it can continue to tick as it should!

Watch Band Repair or Replacement

Watch bands can suffer cracks or damage when a timepiece falls or strikes against a hard surface. Our team of experts can repair your broken watch band when those accidents happen – often, the same day you bring it to us! Choose from our wide selection of watch strap options to replace the original band if your existing one sustained significant damage or if you want a change.

Watch Band Resizing

The professional watch repair technicians at Vinciguerra Jewelry perform excellent quality watch band resizing, from new watches that require measuring to worn-out straps that need adjusting. We’ll take precise measurements to ensure your watch band fits comfortably around your wrist, whether you’re purchasing a new timepiece or replacing an ill-fitting strap. We can also replace watch pins to connect the band to the watch case.

Watch Crystal & Glass Replacement

The Vinciguerra Jewelry team possesses years of experience in crystal and glass replacement for all watch types, including simple, high-end, and vintage timepieces. We also offer expert guidance regarding watch crystal and glass replacement. For instance, we may recommend switching to scratch-resistant sapphire glass that will protect your watch from future damage.

Watch Movement Replacement

Replacing watch movements requires careful handling and practice due to their small and delicate nature. We at Vinciguerra possess incredible skill in watch movement replacement. We can perform various watch movement repairs, such as complete overhauls and installs.

Watch Polishing & Restoration

Although it’s common for watches to endure wear and tear throughout the years, your older piece doesn’t have to show its age. The Vinciguerra team can restore your watch to look and function like a new timepiece. Restoration may include various tasks depending on your needs, such as glass replacement, band polishing, and more.

Vintage Watch Repair

Antique watches and family heirlooms require the experience of a specialist for repairs and refurbishments. Our professionals leverage their expertise in vintage watch refurbishment to restore your timepiece and ensure it looks and runs like new. We understand how important your passed-down antique pocket watches are to you. The trusted artisans of Vinciguerra can repair and clean it with the utmost care.

Watch Dial Polishing & Cleaning

The Vinciguerra team provides touch-ups for watch dials with unsightly defects such as fading, paint chipping, or other damage. Once we polish and clean your dial, the typical untrained eye won’t notice a problem ever existed – that’s the beauty of a successful watch dial restoration!

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We provide friendly customer service and high-quality watch repair and maintenance services at Vinciguerra Jewelry. We’re always ready to answer your questions and keep your watch in the best shape possible. Contact us today for professional watch services and repairs!


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