Watch Repair & Maintenance

Whether you have a new watch that needs servicing or a vintage timepiece in need of restoration, you can expect only the best quality from Vinciguerra Jewelers. We have experience working on watches from countless brands and manufacturers so you can trust that our professional team is capable of handling any watch repair or watch maintenance service you need. Let us help you maintain your piece so it can stand the test of time — contact us today!

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Watch Servicing & Maintenance

It’s important to give your watch a little attention from time to time. Regular watch maintenance will help keep your piece running smoothly. Our expert watch technicians will completely dismantle your watch and fully inspect and clean each component. After your watch is serviced, we will ensure it is properly lubricated and put back together to perfection so it can continue to tick as it should!

Watch Band Repair or Replacement

When a timepiece is dropped or hit against something, the band can suffer cracks or damage. When those accidents happen, we can repair your broken watch band, oftentimes the same day you bring it in! If a new band is needed because of damage, or you simply want a change, you can choose from our wide selection of watch strap options to replace your original band.

Watch Band Resizing

From new watches that need band sizing to worn-out straps that need adjustments, we perform excellent watch band resizing. If your watch is ill-fitting, our team can take precise measurements and get your watch band resized to fit comfortably around your wrist! We can also replace watch pins to connect the band to the watch case.

Watch Crystal & Glass Replacement

The Vinciguerra Jewelers team has extensive experience in crystal and glass replacement for all types of watches including simple, high-end, and even vintage timepieces. Our skilled professionals offer expert guidance on crystal and glass replacement, for instance, we may recommend a switch to scratch-resistant sapphire glass to protect your watch from future damage.

Watch Movement Replacement

Watch movements are incredibly small and delicate, thus replacing them requires careful handling and lots of practice. Luckily, we at Vinciguerra are incredibly skilled at watch movement replacement. We can perform a complete movement overhaul for your timepiece and if the original movement can not be repaired, or parts are no longer available, we can install a new watch movement.

Watch Polishing & Restoration

It is common for a watch to experience some wear and tear throughout the years, but your older piece doesn’t have to look dingy and run-down. Our team can restore your watch so that it looks and works like it’s a new piece. Watch restoration may include glass replacement, band polishing, band replacement, etc.

Vintage Watch Repair

If you have an antique watch or family heirloom, having it repaired or refurbished by a specialist is especially important. Our professionals have expertise in vintage watch refurbishment and can get your timepiece running and looking as new as possible. Antique pocket watches that are passed down can be extremely sentimental, and we understand that you only want trusted artisans to repair and clean it for you, that’s why you should turn to Vinciguerra for vintage watch refurbishing services.

Watch Dial Refinishing

Vinciguerra is here to provide touch-ups for watch dials that have unsightly defects such as fading, paint chipping, or other damage. After your dial is refinished, the typical untrained eye will never even notice there has been a problem, that’s the sign of a successful watch dial restoration!

St. Louis Watch Repair & Maintenance Services

Here at Vinciguerra Jewelers, we are dedicated to providing friendly customer service along with our high-quality watch repair and maintenance services. We are always ready to answer your questions and do all we can to help keep your watch in the best shape possible. Contact us today to have your watch serviced or repaired by our watch specialists!


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