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A diamond may be forever, but the appraisal for it becomes outdated faster than you think. With times changing, the market prices for pieces of jewelry that contain precious gemstones, sterling silvers, and diamonds often fluctuate. An appraisal is a document stating the approximate retail replacement value of an item, and having this up-to-date documentation is vital for both insurance and resale purposes.

At Vinciguerra Jewelers, we conduct appraisals on any of your old pieces of fashion jewelry for estate, insurance, or resale purposes. Contact our jewelry appraisal store in St. Louis today to find out your piece’s value!

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Experienced and Accurate Jewelry Valuation

Appraisals are calculated by using current market data, which is why you need an experienced appraiser who can give you the most accurate and unbiased reading possible. The more information contained in the appraisal, the better your chances are of receiving adequate compensation through insurance.

For example, if the jewelry is overinflated, you could be spending more than necessary to insure your pieces. Conversely, if the jewelry is underinsured, you could be paying more out-of-pocket in circumstances of loss, damage, or theft.

Be it an old family ring or a necklace found in a dusty jewelry box, it could be worth more than you think—so take it to one of our professionals! At Vinciguerra Jewelers, we have certified appraisers on hand who can give you a precise and thorough analysis, always at a competitive price!

With over 25 years of experience in the jewelry industry, we have built our reputation on honesty, quality, and fairness. Vinciguerra is the premier jewelry appraisal store in St. Louis.

Up-to-Date Documentation

It is increasingly important to have updated, documented proof of the value of your jewelry, which is why we suggest having it appraised by a qualified appraiser once every three years to be safe.

When you receive an appraisal from one of our professionals, you can be assured that the value of your piece is presented in clear and concise documentation. We will give you a paper copy and keep one in our records so you will always have a backup. Plus, with every purchase made directly from Vinciguerra Jewelers, you will receive an appraisal free of charge!

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Whether you need an appraisal for tax purposes or you need it because you’ve always wondered what that old family heirloom is worth, take it to our trained and talented appraisers! They can discern the unique and rare characteristics of a piece of jewelry and provide you with an unbiased and thorough evaluation that you will always have on hand. Contact our jewelry appraisal store in St. Louis to get started.

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