Jewelry Consignment St. Louis

Sell Your Jewelry

Whether you want to make some extra space in your jewelry box or you’re looking for a little bit of cash for your unwanted items, consignment is a popular choice to ensure that your valuables will get worthy offers while also going to good homes.

When you consign with Vinciguerra Jewelry, we take your pre-owned luxury items and showcase them in our store amongst our very own inventory. This means that you can reach a wider audience of people who are willing to pay top dollar for your jewelry that otherwise would have collected dust on a shelf in your home.

Trying to sell your jewelry on your own can be intimidating, and you may end up getting less than what the piece is worth. You should choose a reputable jeweler like Vinciguerra Jewelry with all of the requisite credentials, depth of knowledge, and breadth of experience to help you get ideal offers for your fine jewelry. The percentage of the price that we take after the sale is dependent upon each piece, but it is always fair and reasonable.

When you want to offload your unwanted diamond rings, watches, necklaces, and more, choose Vinciguerra Jewelry! We will always stand behind the piece if it ever needs additional work done. Plus, if you change your mind about selling, there is no charge to get it back.

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Access to a Larger Market

By consigning your jewelry with Vinciguerra, you can safely work with our trustworthy representatives instead of having to make arrangements with potentially unreliable people. We will take the stress out of selling your unwanted items by displaying them alongside our own inventory.

The consignment marketplace is robust and allows you to reach high amounts of your targeted audience who are already looking to buy jewelry. Vinciguerra Jewelry gives you the marketing and publicity necessary to sell any of your pieces quickly and efficiently.

Earn a Better Price

When you utilize consignment, you’re receiving money for your jewelry that could otherwise be left it in a jewelry box or scrapped altogether. Transform those unwanted pieces into money! Vinciguerra Jewelry is dedicated to getting you the best value for your luxury items.

Through our diligent appraisal process, our experts can determine exactly what your jewelry is worth and set a price that will meet your expectations. And because we have access to a customer base that is ready and willing to pay for exquisite pieces, you may be able to get as much money as the original retail price!

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If you’re not enjoying your jewelry like you should, pass it along to someone who will love and cherish it. Consigning is a great way to safely get reimbursed for any unwanted jewelry. The professionals at Vinciguerra Jewelry are passionate about providing attentive service and making you feel comfortable with the process every step of the way. We do this so that you can rest easy knowing that your treasures are handled with respect and you are always getting the best value in every transaction.

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