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Generations of customers have trusted Vinciguerra Jewelers to provide the latest trends in fashion jewelry at our engagement ring store in St. Louis. We pride ourselves on customer service and offering most innovative brands. Our designer brands feature today’s trendy, yet classic styles your family will enjoy for years. Learn more about the designers we showcase below.

Christopher Mobile


Old World design luxury meets modern technology with Christopher Designs’ impeccable Crisscut® Diamonds. Nothing outshines the clarity and beauty of a Crisscut diamond. The fire and brilliance of Crisscut® Diamonds set Christopher Designs apart from the rest, just like the special person in your life!

R. S. Nazarian

R. S. Nazarian

R. S. Nazarian is a fine jewelry manufacturer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their brilliant collection of engagement rings is sure to impress even the pickiest fashionista.

Gregorio Mobile


Gregorio Jewelry company was born in 1995 out of passion and a desire for unique contemporary designs. Gregorio has become a vanguard for modern engagement rings in the decades since. Exquisite details and perfect finishes are the hallmarks of this groundbreaking designer. Like life, proof of Gregorio Jewelry’s quality is in the details. Gregorio Jewelry designs have the unique ability to turn modern engagement rings into timeless keepsakes.

Gottlieb Mobile


Saul Gottlieb founded Gottlieb & Sons in 1949. Since then, the fine handmade platinum jewelry manufacturer has continuously grown into an international industry leader.

As stated by Gottlieb & Sons, “our goal is to create jewelry that reflects the high standards that our family has set for over half a century. Our jewelry is distinctive; it is cultured and sophisticated. It is fashionable and fashion-forward. Our jewelry is well-designed and well-made. Our brand appeals to an upscale, lifestyle-driven consumer who enjoys luxurious jewelry and appreciates quality.”

The Gottlieb & Sons’ designs are highly desired for their quality of materials and artistry. They use only the highest-grade diamonds and gemstones, with 14kt gold, 18kt gold, and platinum. Their highly skilled artisans are model makers, setters, and jewelers who take great pride in their work.



Take customization to a new level with precision jewelry from Just Perfect Jewelry Designs. Vinciguerra Jewelry works with Just Perfect Jewelry Designs through an online interface to create your unique engagement ring using more than 2,000 beautiful options. Just Perfect Jewelry Designs then utilizes state-of-the-art technology to engineer a ring that is “just perfect” for your special someone.

LevyCreations Mobile


Levy Creations offers distinctive collections of engagement rings and wedding sets perfect for those who seek dazzling, exceptional jewelry at a competitive price. Levy designers are known for their attention to detail, and their desire to consistently produce trend-setting jewelry makes each creation something wonderful.

Our designer partners offer unique and stunning engagement rings for every taste. From classic and elegant to modern and simplistic, there’s something for everyone at our St. Louis engagement ring store!

Engagement Ring Design Elements

It’s helpful to understand wedding band design elements when shopping for your special someone. Generally speaking, there are four primary components of an engagement ring:

  • Setting: Describes how the main stone rests on the ring and significantly affects the overall appearance
  • Cut: Several cuts are available, such as princess or round brilliant, each allowing a certain amount of light to enter the stone
  • Stone: Many choose the classic diamond as their center stone, but other gems are becoming more popular, like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires
  • Band: The band style makes the ring stand out, with many metals, colors, and thicknesses available

Engagement Rings FAQ

Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting step in your relationship. Feeling overwhelmed is typical, but our friendly team is here to help! Browse our frequently asked questions below and visit our downtown St. Louis engagement ring store today to get started.

Why We Wear Engagement Rings

The engagement ring served many purposes in the past. For instance, the ancient Egyptians believed that the circular shape of a ring represented eternity, and receiving one symbolized everlasting love. In the 1900s, men gifted rings to women as collateral should they decide not to marry their betrothed.

Today, engagement rings are a symbol of promise. They indicate a desire to marry and start a life together. Further, they represent the never-ending commitment to marriage and love.

Common Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement rings are available in several styles to suit each individual. Some common styles include:

  • Solitaire: The solitaire engagement ring takes its name from the French word for “alone.” These rings carry a single high-set stone, allowing maximum light exposure and brilliance. It’s considered a classic and popular style.
  • Halo: In the halo ring, several smaller diamonds or other gems surround a single central stone. The “halo” of small diamonds emphasizes the central stone, making it appear larger.
  • Three-stone: Also known as a trilogy or trinity, the three-stone engagement ring displays a trio of stones. The center gemstone rests higher than the two (typically) smaller stones, adding depth. It represents a couple’s past, present, and future together.
  • Pavé: This ring style also takes its name from a French word. Smaller diamonds line the band in the “paved” ring, leaving minimal amounts of metal visible. They form the illusion of a diamond band and are perfect for those seeking the ultimate sparkle.
  • Infinity: Infinity engagement rings feature a twisted band, often symbolizing the intertwining of husband and wife. This unique design represents infinite love and the lifelong commitment of marriage.

Engagement Ring Stones

When engagement rings were first presented, they intended to show that a woman was betrothed. These rings were simple and did not include stones. However, the Great Depression caused a diamond’s value to significantly decrease, making it more affordable. Since then, diamonds have been popular for all engagement ring styles.

Today, more engagement rings than ever boast other stones. Rubies, sapphires, amethysts, emeralds, and others are gaining popularity. Your largest goal should be to choose a ring that best suits your significant other – a diamond isn’t a requirement.

Cleaning Your Ring

Everyday substances like lotions and dish soap can build up on the surface of your ring. Additionally, dirt and grime from highly touched items like your phone or laptop can rest on the metal, compromising its beauty. Therefore, unkempt jewelry causes metal degradation, scratches on stones, and skin irritation.

However, regularly cleaning your engagement ring ensures it maintains its sparkle. Below are a few good rules of thumb:

  • A quick, gentle cleaning every other week can help restore the sparkle for those who wear their ring daily
  • Perform a thorough cleaning once a month
  • Take your ring to your local jeweler for a professional cleaning every six months

Purchasing Your Rings Together

Although many couples purchase an engagement ring and wedding band set, doing so isn’t required. Some rings, especially custom pieces, aren’t available with a pre-made matching wedding band. In that case, ensure you choose a wedding band containing the same metal for a uniform look.

White Gold vs. Platinum

White gold and platinum are common band metals that have similar appearances but a few key differences. Platinum is about 34% denser than white metal, which can hold up better through rough wear. However, white gold bands aren’t necessarily “worse.” Eighteen-carat white gold bands possess the same durable qualities as platinum.

Both metals require maintenance every few years – platinum needs polishing, while rhodium plating is necessary for white gold. Therefore, one isn’t inherently better than the other. It depends on your personal preferences.

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