Custom Jewelry in St. Louis, MO

Everyone wants to feel one-of-a-kind, and unlike many mass-produced pieces, unique jewelry can mean so much more. If you want to show someone in your life just how special they are to you, come to Vinciguerra Jewelers in St. Louis to design your very own beautiful piece of jewelry that will be treasured forever — contact us today to get started!

Custom Engagement Rings

Many women dream of being popped the question with a unique engagement ring, and our expert jewelers can make that dream a reality. We work with you to help develop an engagement ring unlike any other. Whether you want to propose with a unique diamond engagement ring, an emerald engagement ring, or other gemstone, we can create a dazzling custom ring that will make her say “I do!”

Unique Jewelry Pieces

Mothers, siblings, friends, in-laws, children, etc. will all appreciate such a meaningful gift of custom jewelry. Here at Vinciguerra Jewelers, we can custom-make pieces for all of the special people in your life, no matter what the occasion!

Your custom jewelry design options include:

  • Custom bracelet
  • Custom necklace
  • Custom wedding band
  • Custom pendant
  • Something else you have in mind, contact us!

If you already have a diamond, gemstone, or family heirloom that you’d like to use, we can incorporate it into a new design. Your custom jewelry can also be personalized with engraving, for example. Whatever vision you have for the piece, we can help make it real!

Custom-Designed Jewelry Process

The Vinciguerra Jewelers team works with you to craft unique jewelry and custom rings through a leading design software called Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). It allows us to design and manufacture fine jewelry with extreme precision.

Here is how a custom jewelry piece is created:

  • Step 1: You can bring in images or drawings for inspiration or we can help you develop your custom ring or piece of jewelry from scratch. Our jewelry specialists listen to what you have in mind and provide expert guidance throughout the design process.
    If diamonds are incorporated into the piece, we’ll discuss the shape, carat weight, and other criteria. We can also help you select a different gemstone, or you can bring in a stone you have that you would like to be incorporated into a design.
  • Step 2: A digital rendering is drawn up on the CAD/CAM to provide you with an accurate mock-up of your engagement ring or other custom jewelry piece.
    During this process, you can request changes to ensure your jewelry is exactly what you have in mind, with all the design aspects you desire.
  • Step 3: Once you approve the design, a wax model is made with the CAD/CAM to cast the jewelry in the metal of your choice.
  • Step 4: The metal is poured into the wax mold, and when it cools, it forms the unfinished piece.
  • Step 5: The piece is removed from the wax mold, polished, and refined.
  • Step 6: Our stone setter places the diamond/gemstone in the setting by hand and the jewelry is complete! (After a custom ring is completed, its fit can be modified if needed.)
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St. Louis Custom Jewelry Design

Here at Vinciguerra Jewelers, we help turn a gift of jewelry into so much more. The custom-made jewelry you help design will truly be a unique piece that will show just how important your loved one is. Contact us today to begin designing your custom ring or unique piece of jewelry!


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