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Pearl Jewelry

As the world’s oldest gem and one of nature’s greatest miracles, pearls are known as the “Queen of Gems” and have been coveted for centuries. Pearl jewelry can help elevate an outfit and is a great accessory for any occasion. Vinciguerra Jewelry offers a wide selection of stylish, high-quality pearl jewelry — all for an affordable price. Pearl jewelry designs can range from classic and elegant to modern and trendy. Whether you’re shopping for a special someone or for yourself, our professional staff can help you select the perfect piece!

Some of the most popular pearl jewelry includes:

  • Pearl necklaces
  • Pearl earrings
  • Pearl rings
  • Pearl engagement rings
  • Pearl bracelets
  • Pearl pendants

Types of Pearls

  • Natural Pearls – Form in the bodies, or mantle tissue, of certain mollusks, usually around a microscopic irritant, and always without human help of any kind.
  • Cultured Pearls – Require human intervention and care. Today, most of the mollusks used in the culturing process are raised specifically for that purpose, although some wild mollusks are still collected and used.

Pearls can be cultivated in freshwater or saltwater. There are several different types of pearls depending on what mollusk they originate from, creating a wide variety of pearl jewelry options.

The four major types of cultured whole pearls include:

  • Akoya Cultured Pearls – The most familiar type of saltwater cultured pearl, mainly produced in China. They are renowned for their brilliant luster and rich colors ranging from white to cream and pink to silvery pink. These are often thought of as the classic pearl used for jewelry, especially single-strand necklaces.
  • South Sea Cultured Pearls – Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are leading sources of these saltwater cultured pearls. These pearls can range from white to silver, or golden, depending on the type of oyster. They have a long growth period, resulting in large pearl size and thick nacre.
  • Tahitian Cultured Pearls – Cultivated primarily in Tahiti and other islands in French Polynesia. These saltwater cultured pearls are also known as black pearls although their color spectrum also includes grey, brown, blue, green, purple, and pink.
  • Freshwater Cultured Pearls – The most commonly produced pearls, thus they are typically more affordable than saltwater pearls. These are one of the most popular pearl types among jewelry designers due to their remarkable range of sizes, shapes, and colors. They are usually cultured in freshwater lakes and ponds, often with many pearls grown in one oyster. When freshwater pearls have an irregular non-spherical shape, they are called baroque pearls. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch, or lumpy shapes.

Cultured pearls are popular for bead necklaces and bracelets, or mounted in solitaires, pairs, or clusters for use in earrings, rings, and pendants. Larger pearls with unusual shapes provide a more unique jewelry design. Colored pearl jewelry is often embraced as an edgier alternative to the traditional white pearl.

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Personalized Pearl Jewelry

At Vinciguerra Jewelry, you can also personalize your pearl jewelry. Depending on the piece, we can add custom engraving to include meaningful words, phrases, your monogram, or a special date.

Pearl Jewelry in St. Louis

Here at our family-owned jewelry store, we are committed to providing friendly customer service and high-quality jewelry services. Let us help you find the right piece of pearl jewelry today!

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