Watch Battery Replacement St. Louis

Watch Battery Replacement

The Vinciguerra Jewelry team commits to delivering exceptional services, including watch battery replacement in St. Louis. Our professional technicians can handle battery replacement for all types of watches, including simple, high-end, and even vintage timepieces.

We have installed countless batteries within numerous watch brands and types. Our expert watch technicians has the knowledge, ability, and tools to properly open your watch, perform testing, and install a new battery efficiently. Contact us today to get started!

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Signs You Need Watch Battery Replacement Services

Watches rely on battery power to perform specific functions, such as telling the time and date, setting timers, and more. Often, people don’t notice their watch battery declining until it’s too late. However, certain telltale signs can indicate a dying watch battery:

  • The second hand jumps or freezes: An early warning sign of a dying watch battery occurs when the second hand skips two to five seconds. This phenomenon is relatively common in vintage watches, so take your timepiece to an expert before the issue worsens.
  • The watch displays an incorrect time: Timepieces running either slow or fast can indicate battery power issues. Digital watches showing the wrong time may have a dying battery, whereas mechanical or quartz timepieces might have other problems. In sum, the watch doesn’t have sufficient power to fuel its primary functions, so you should let an expert inspect it.
  • The watch stopped: On average, watch batteries last for about two years, depending on their age and the functions they must power. Therefore, the most common culprit is a dead battery when timepieces fail to move.
  • You have difficulty changing the time and date: A watch’s crown is a small dial connected to a stem within the movement that allows you to adjust the time and date. When the crown no longer cooperates with the date and time adjustments, your watch likely has a dying battery.
  • There’s moisture beneath the glass or rattling: If you notice moisture or condensation beneath your watch’s glass or hear rattling, it may indicate a battery problem. Even the slightest water drip can negatively impact the internal mechanism, and a dead battery is likely to follow.

Paying attention to these factors can save you time and money. Timepieces last much longer when properly maintained and serviced. The best solution is to monitor your watch’s performance and seek professional servicing when necessary.

Watch Inspection

Vinciguerra Jewelry’s expert technicians inspect your watch before installing a new battery. We want to ensure all parts and mechanisms work correctly and that a new battery will solve the issue. Our team boasts years of experience working with watches from countless brands and manufacturers and therefore knows what to look for during an inspection.

The expert watch technicians at Vinciguerra will dismantle your watch to inspect and clean each component. If we find an issue, we can perform the correct watch repair and maintenance technique to restore functionality.

Watch Battery Installation

After we inspect your watch, we’ll replace the battery and reseal your timepiece. We possess the proper tools to open and reseal wristwatches, such as:

  • Fashion watches
  • Chronograph (timer) watches
  • Sports watches
  • Quartz watches
  • Digital watches

Customers trust our St. Louis jewelry store with watch battery replacements, and so can you. We possess a wide selection of watch batteries and implement the proper installation methods to restore your timepiece, regardless of its case.

Everyday Tips for Increasing Watch Battery Life

Although most manufacturers recommend a proactive watch battery replacement every one to two years, you can improve your timepiece’s performance by following simple steps:

  • Seek professional watch maintenance: We recommend your watch receives expert maintenance every one to two years and full servicing every five years. Doing so allows technicians to identify anything broken that may place increased stress on the battery, thus ensuring long-term use.
  • Pull out the crown: Gently pulling the crown out until you hear a click reduces battery consumption when you’re not wearing your watch.

Avoiding certain situations and environments can also boost your watch’s performance and battery life, such as:

  • Exposure to wet conditions exceeding your watch’s water rating
  • Extreme shock or impact
  • Extreme heat or cold temperatures
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
  • Long-term exposure to magnetic fields

St. Louis Watch Battery Replacement Experts

Vinciguerra Jewelry guarantees friendly customer service to every customer. Our high-quality watch battery replacement services help keep your watch in the best condition possible. Contact us today for all questions and to get started with your watch battery replacement!

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