A diamond may be forever, but the appraisal for it becomes outdated faster than you think. With times changing, the market prices for pieces of jewelry that contain precious metals, diamonds, and jewels oftentimes fluctuate. It is increasingly important to have documented proof of the value of your jewelry up-to-date so that insurance will give you the best compensation, should you ever need to have it replaced. We suggest having it appraised by a qualified appraiser once every three years to be safe.

Additionally, we do appraisals on any of your old pieces of jewelry that you would like to know the value of for estate purposes or resale. Be it an old family ring or a necklace found in a dusty jewelry box, it could be worth more than you think! An appraisal from one of our professionals will define the value of your piece in clear and concise documentation.

Whether you need an appraisal for tax purposes or you need it because you’ve always wondered what that old family heirloom is worth, take it to our trained and talented appraisers! They can discern the unique and rare characteristics of a piece of jewelry and provide you with an unbiased and thorough evaluation.

Repair Work

We at Vinciguerra Jewelry know that your jewelry is more than just an accessory– it can be an extension of your personality that means a great deal to you. Whether it is a ring that is on your finger everyday, or a necklace given to you by a relative that has special meaning, or a watch that is always handy when you need it… Whatever it may be, as the years go on, no matter the amount of meticulous care you put into restoring it, that piece may still break. When this happens, you need the best repair to get it back to its former brilliance and functionality!

As one of St. Louis’ premier jewelers, we have the most skilled craftsmen that specialize in a variety of repairs:

  • Watch Repair
  • Watch Maintenance
  • Watch Batteries
  • Jewelry Sizing
  • Jewelry Replacement (work with insurance companies)
  • Jewelry & Watch Cleaning
  • Pearl Restringing