Jewelry Repair St. Louis, MO

Uncovering damaged jewelry can leave you stressed and wondering what to do. If you inherited jewelry that is damaged in some way or the jewelry you wear all of the time needs repairing, Vinciguerra Jewelers provides expert repair services. Intricate restorations on jewelry of any kind are possible with our skilled craftsmanship and advanced technology.

Whether your ring, earring, bracelet, or necklace has worn or damaged prongs, a weak clasp, or a loose diamond fell out of the setting, you can count on us to correct the imperfection! Contact us today!

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Jewelry Repair Services

As one of St. Louis’ premier jewelers, we specialize in a variety of repairs including:

  • Resizing
  • Re-tipping
  • Stone replacement
  • Pearl restringing
  • Insurance replacement
  • Ring shank repair
  • Setting repair
  • Clasp repair/replacement
  • Chain repair
  • Link repair
  • Hinge repair
  • Lock repair
  • Charm repair
  • And many more, just ask!

Learn more about our repair services below:

Jewelry Resizing

Unfortunately, one size doesn’t always fit all, even with jewelry. Fingers, wrists, and necks all come in different sizes. If you have inherited jewelry from someone or received jewelry that does not fit the way you want it to, we can help! Whether it is too loose or too tight, our jewelers can determine the right recommendation for you.

  • Ring Resizing – Finding the right ring size is not necessarily as simple as taking a measurement. Finger sizes have been known to fluctuate with diverse things as changing weather conditions, the body’s reaction to athletic workouts, and other largely uncontrollable variables. Pregnancy can cause fingers to puff up and older people often experience knuckle swelling as the years go by. Even the slightest change can render a ring unwearable — that’s where we come in and provide you with the highest quality ring resizing services in St. Louis!
  • Bracelet, Necklace & Chain Resizing – Some bracelets and necklaces have links that our jewelers can remove to reduce the size. It’s always a good idea to keep the extra links in case the bracelet or necklace is eventually passed on or if backup links are needed in the event repairs are necessary. But if you don’t have the extra links, don’t worry! We can easily extend your piece and have it fit perfectly through custom casting.

Prong Re-tipping

A prong is the small piece of metal that holds down the stones in your jewelry. Over time, the tips of your jewelry’s prongs have the tendency to break, causing space to form between the prongs and the stone. Repairing/replacing broken prongs is vital to keeping the stone in place. Our prong re-tipping service repairs the prongs by adding metal to the top of the prong in order to recreate the missing tip.

Gemstone & Diamond Replacement

If a diamond falls out of your jewelry, our experienced team is here to make it right. From prong rebuilding to more complex invisible-set diamond replacement, we can repair setting damage and match the quality of stone with your original.

Pearl Restringing

Most pearls are strung on silk thread and are susceptible to wear and tear, especially if you wear them frequently. If your pearl jewelry has been damaged in such a way that your pearls have loosened from the string or came off completely, we can assist in restringing your pearl necklaces, bracelets, and other pearl jewelry. Here at Vinciguerra Jewelers, pearls are always restrung on the finest materials. Pearl restringing is a delicate job that requires experience, precision, and a steady hand, and we have the skills it takes to properly restore your cherished pearl jewelry.

Jewelry Insurance Replacement

Replacing a treasured piece of jewelry can often be a trying experience regardless of the circumstances. Getting a jewelry appraisal completed as soon as possible allows that property to be insured should the worst happen. We can work with most insurance companies to replace lost or stolen jewelry covered under their plans. Let us help you get the jewelry appraisal you need to protect your invaluable assets.

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St. Louis, MO Professional Jewelry Repair Services

Keeping jewelry looking its best is what Vinciguerra Jewelers does! Bring your piece’s former functionality and brilliance back with help from our experienced jewelers. We provide friendly customer service and high-quality jewelry repair services. Contact us today!


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