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Vinciguerra Jewelers is your premier fashion jewelry store in St. Louis. Our partnerships with renowned designers like Artistry, I. Reiss, and Belle Etoile, demonstrate our shared values of quality and sophistication. Our meticulously curated selection of jewelry include the finest necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings embodying current trends and timeless elegance.

Vinciguerra Jewelers has the perfect piece for you, whether you seek a statement piece for evening attire or a subtle adornment for everyday luxury.

personalized gemstone necklace


Each piece of our necklace collection reflects our dedication to artistry and attention to detail in its craft. Our necklaces are the perfect accessory, enhancing your style whether attending an elegant gala or a casual brunch. The versatility of our designs ensures effortless coordination, making them suitable for any event or occasion.

pearl rings


Rings are more than just accessories; they are symbolic of love, devotion, and personal style. At Vinciguerra Jewelers, we offer ring designs from prestigious brands such as Raymond Mazza, Madison L, and Supreme Jewelry. From simple bands to elaborate statement pieces, each ring at Vinciguerra Jewelers is a testament to aesthetic brilliance and quality craftsmanship.

pearl bracelets


Bracelets are a dynamic and versatile element of fashion jewelry that can elevate any outfit. At Vinciguerra Jewelers, the leading fashion jewelry store in St. Louis, we provide bracelets for all styles and occasions. Our collection includes Tennis Bracelets, Charm Bracelets, Beaded Bracelets, and more.

Each bracelet style, whether a delicate bangle, bold cuff, or chic wrap bracelet, showcases our commitment to quality and design. With Vinciguerra’s selection of bracelets, you’re sure to find a bracelet that narrates your unique style and personality.

gemstone earrings blue


Earrings can undoubtedly transform and define your look. Vinciguerra Jewelers takes great pride in offering many designer earrings, including designs by Leddel Designs, Nancy B/Carla, and more. Each style, from minimalist stud earrings to dramatic chandelier earrings, holds a unique appeal.

Choose Vinciguerra Jewelers for Fashion Jewelry

Vinciguerra Jewelers is your one-stop shop for all your fashion jewelry needs. We take pride in our exquisite necklaces, rings, and bracelets, each uniquely designed to cater to your style and preferences.

Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect piece. Check out our collections online or visit our fashion jewelry store in St. Louis to explore our fashion jewelry pieces.

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Fashion Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of jewelry?

For centuries, people adorned themselves with jewelry to display beauty, wealth, and power. The practice dates back to the Stone Age when prehistoric people crafted jewelry from bone, shells, and stones.

Jewelry-making evolved with the introduction of materials like gold, silver, and precious stones. Today, men and women use jewelry to express their unique fashion tastes and styles.

Does my automatic watch need to be regularly wound?

Jewelry, a part of human culture for centuries, is a way to express oneself. Today, jewelry accessorizes an outfit, signifies rank or status, makes a statement, or shows one’s style. People often use it for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays.

What is the difference between costume jewelry and fine jewelry?

Costume jewelry and fine jewelry differ primarily in the materials used in their construction. Fine jewelry is made from gold, silver, and platinum. Fine jewelry often features genuine gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

Costume jewelry, often called fashion jewelry, is crafted with less costly materials. These might include plated metals, cubic zirconia, and synthetic or imitation gemstones.

Why should I appraise my jewelry?

You can avoid significant financial loss if your jewelry gets lost, stolen, or damaged when you receive regular appraisals. Jewelry’s value can fluctuate significantly due to the volatile market prices of precious metals and gemstones.

Vinciguerra Jewelers’ expert appraisal services ensure we accurately value and protect your fashion jewelry in St. Louis. Appraisals can help authenticate your jewelry and provide helpful information about its quality and market value

What does “redesigned jewelry” mean?

Redesigned jewelry refers to the process of taking existing pieces of jewelry and transforming them into a completely new design. Redesigning jewelry breathes new life into outdated pieces or those no longer aligned with your current style.

What’s the difference between polishing jewelry and cleaning?

Polishing involves a more intensive process, often requiring professional equipment and expertise. Polishing removes scratches and restores the jewelry’s original shine and luster.

Cleaning jewelry removes dust, dirt, and oils that accumulate from daily wear, which can tarnish the jewelry’s appearance over time. This process usually includes a gentle detergent, water, a soft brush, and a lint-free cloth for drying.

At Vinciguerra Jewelers, we offer cleaning and polishing services to ensure your jewelry always looks its best.

Why choose Vinciguerra?

At Vinciguerra Jewelers, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products at our fashion jewelry store in St. Louis. Our team of experts is passionate about finding you beautiful, unique pieces that will make lasting memories for years. That’s why we also offer a range of services, including redesign, cleaning, polishing, appraisals, and more.

Visit our store today, and let us help you find the perfect piece!