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No matter if you’re looking for diamond jewelry, diamond engagement rings, or other statement pieces, Vinciguerra Jewelry can provide you with quality custom pieces that sparkle and shine. From luxury, vintage styles to trendier sets, our jewelers work with reliable diamond brands that offer the fashion and high-end look you expect from our St. Louis jewelry company. Learn more about our brand partners below and visit our diamond ring store in St. Louis today.

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Old World luxury and style meet modern technology in Christopher Designs’ impeccable and exclusive Crisscut® Diamonds. These impeccable gems shine with unmatched brilliance, and their fire is radiantly brilliant. Placed side-by-side next to ordinary diamonds, Crisscut® Diamonds really are a cut above the rest. Come see the difference for yourself by visiting our distinguished diamond ring store in St. Louis.

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The distinctively brilliant L’Amour Crisscut® Diamond was created with you in mind to reflect your individuality. L’Amour Crisscut® diamonds are designed to be up to 60% larger than a generic diamond of the same size.

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Thirty-three years after he sat down at a jewelry bench with a dream and a vision, Henry Grossbard created the first Original Radiant Cut diamond. Grossbard realized his dream of combining the elegant shape of an emerald cut diamond with the fiery brilliance of a round stone. Original Radiant Cut diamonds make squares hip again, and allow those who love to be different the opportunity to wear square or rectangular diamonds without compromising brilliance.

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